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Located north of Cebu in the Philippines, Malapascua island is a small tropical paradise where time seems to stand still.

There are no cars, no concrete roads, everything at a walking distance. The people are friendly and will always greet you with a genuine smile.

The white, sandy beaches are lined with palm trees and invite for relaxing in the sun, having a massage or to go swimming and snorkeling.

The waters around Malapascua are warm, the marine life abundant. Sharks and rays, corals of all sort, sea snakes, frog fish and nudibranchs are only a few examples of what you can expect to find.


Malapascua is a great place for your holidays away from the crowds, a great place to dive and to learn how to do so.

DiveLinkCebu was established in 2001 and is conducting daily dive tours to the most spectacular dive sites in the region.

DiveLinkCebu Academy, our training facility, conducts dive courses for all levels of recreational divers. Teaching the PADI system, we offer quality training within the standards of the world’s leading training agency.

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